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Database Management: DevReal Database

NKF Devencore's team designs and programs the DevRealTM Database, a flexible and robust management information system, which allows organizations to centralize its real estate portfolio data. Each client's database is customized to meet specific objectives, and can be designed to assist not only the real estate department, but legal, treasury, risk management and accounting department as well.

Our clients have direct access to the DevRealTM Database through the internet using a secure web-based application (intranet). NKF Devencore's professionals can work independently, or in conjunction with your team, to gather information, complete lease review and summary abstracts, and input data into the DevReal system.

The DevRealTM Database generates information in a variety of reports to assist management with strategic real estate decisions.


Benefits: Characteristics:   
  • Centralization of your real estate portfolio
  • Multilingual capabilities
  • User-friendly and easy access
  • Low cost
  • Multiple currency conversions
  • Monitors critical dates
  • No investment in costly software, development
  • Implementation and ongoing updates
  • Quick access to lease terminations and current occupancy costs
  • Benchmarking various locational costs
  • System design and programming - standard or customized
  • Customized requirements and reports
  • Information gathering and data capture
  • Data input
  • Regular maintenance
  • Electronic filing storage
  • Daily off-site back-up procedures
  • Secure web-base access
  • User logins and passwords