Relocation Management

NKF Devencore's focus is in completing a seamless transition in a cost effective manner that minimizes disruption and downtime to the core business unit/company. Whether it is complementing an existing in-house team or an outsourced team, we will efficiently and effectively manage the process. Our objective is to provide a team of experienced, skilled professionals who will take charge of the process on behalf of your organization. Our team will work with designated parties to design, build and relocate to a superior work place in as cost efficient manner as possible. Our services include:

  • Identification and selection of the team members
  • Establish a preliminary schedule with key target dates and responsibilities
  • Establish a preliminary budget
  • Identification and selection of Professionals and contract negotiations (design, engineering, construction, IT etc), obtain fees and references
  • Define and coordinate the Design Phase, including budget, plans and specifications, schedules and tender drawings
  • Management of the Tender Phase, including identification of the short list of qualified contractors, establish the tender criteria, prepare and issue the tender documentation.
  • Management and coordination of the Construction Phase
  • Coordination and management of the Move-In Phase