In today's intensely competitive business environment, real estate should be seen as a powerful corporate tool.

Changing the physical workspace can have a major impact on client perceptions, employee satisfaction and public attitudes towards an organization. Relocation may also profoundly affect a corporation's image and its community presence.

A successful relocation requires proper planning. As a part of the planning process, a company must carefully assess its present and future real estate requirements, examine budgetary constraints and market alternatives, perform cost comparisons, and ensure that the new space is conducive to executing its business plan and realizing its long-term vision.

What can NKF Devencore do for you?

  • Identify and clarify present and future needs
  • Provide an in-depth examination of current and emerging market alternatives
  • Develop negotiation strategies based on premium information
  • Prepare complete documentation designed to protect tenant - not landlord - interests
  • Provide guidance throughout the construction and move process