Lease Renewals

Most lease renewals carry less favorable terms and conditions than new leases. Hence, it is important for tenants whose leases are up for renewal to do all they can to level the playing field in order to attain the best results.

This process requires time, extensive market knowledge and a keen understanding of the landlord's negotiating position. The landlord's objective is to optimize his investment. To ensure a competitive negotiating scenario, a tenant must be prepared to leverage all existing and emerging market opportunities.

NKF Devencore can strengthen your negotiating position and reduce your costs by helping you:

  • Fully understand the terms and conditions of your lease renewal
  • Understand the landlord's situation, motivation and drivers
  • Appreciate recent transactions realized in the market place
  • Evaluate the leasing conditions in other buildings in order to leverage market opportunities
  • Identify and articulate the conditions you will present to the owner, and understand their potential impact