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Real Estate National Portrait - Ottawa- Fall/Winter 2009

Office Vacancy Rate Jumps Throughout Canada's Major Cities

The complexion of Canada's office real estate market changed significantly over the past year. In mid-2008, vacancy rates in most of Canada's major cities were at or near record lows: in the 3% range in Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Halifax, and only slightly higher in Toronto, Montreal and Winnipeg.


  • Downtown occupancy rate highest in country
  • Kanata/Ottawa West market stabilizing
  • Gatineau region continuing to attract tenant interest


Greater Ottawa Corporate Office Markets Showing Stability

As has been the case for the past 18 months, the conditions in the Greater Ottawa area's corporate real estate market vary dramatically from region to region.


Devencore Real Estate National Portrait - Spotlight on the Greater Ottawa Area, Fall/Winter 2009



Real Estate National Portrait - Ottawa- Fall/Winter 2009
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