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Founded in 1972, NKF Devencore has evolved as a national player recognized as an exciting organization in the real estate industry. With national coverage, we have successfully progressed over the years to become the leading real estate advisor and broker in Canada, working exclusively for corporate and public space. We owe much of our success to the commitment we have made to tenant representation. Devencore Investments Inc. is the parent company of a number of subsidiaries, which are separate legal entities operating in various provincial jurisdictions.

What sets NKF Devencore apart is the quality of its people. We are skilled, passionate and utterly focused on the needs of our clients. And we believe in the value of a long-term commitment-on average, the members of our management team have been a part of the NKF Devencore family for over thirty-two years. Our employees appreciate our work environment as demonstrated by our high employee retention rate.

As part of our corporate culture, we support our dedication to excellence by providing ongoing training and education for our people. We also offer our agents the support they need to grow and to build a solid base of corporate clients. And our National Corporate Services Advisory Group, a distinctive asset of our firm, will help to broaden and deepen our personnal approach to the corporate real estate profession.

If you are dedicated, entrepreneurial and have exceptional interpersonal skills, you may want to consider becoming a part of NKF Devencore's national multidisciplinary team. We are Canada's leading real estate advisor and broker and we are always ready to welcome individuals who believe they can make a difference.